bo$$ & pat swap meet

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bo$$ & pat swap meet

yesterday i went to the BO$$ & PAT swap meet , it was a long time i haven't seen some cool parts for sale,like empi manifold , geneberg 42 dcnf wmanifold , empi oil pump  early gene betg linkage etc..

.... 009.jpg

.... 012.jpg

.... 011.jpg

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.... 032.jpg

 4 or 5 empi GT steering wheels

.... 031.jpg

.... 047.jpg


one EMPI GT still in the box (if you want more info about this one you can contact rowan )

.... 040.jpg

.... 043.jpg

there's was  some cool vintage wheels like cal parts , emi sprinstars , some gazburners , 2 or3 sets of genuine empi 8 spokes

.... 006.jpg

.... 008.jpg

.... 014.jpg

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.... 007.jpg

, it was a cool swap meet  it was nice to see the friends again 


and here's my latest score for the 61  a really nice & rare EMPI riverside500 steering wheels

riverside 500.23jpg.jpg



today on gassertime john smith " Super bug II "   

in the staging line


bug in 11 

 john wainting for the green light



gary berg "berglar"

Here's one of rare photo of gary's car berg before that this one  becomes later the famous  berglar

berg bomb (3).jpg


sunny walifornia

in the evening 022.jpg



test zoom (20).jpg



today on gassertime , the first deano-dyno-soars with the second paint scheme 

2 pictures taken the same day but different camera

thx to joanne lowry for the pict 

dds (27).jpg

dds (28).jpg


same car , same crew ...40 years later


lightning bug too (211).jpg


a blast from the past



lightning bug I,II,III

have you one day imagine that you will able to see the lightning bug I, II & III reunited at the same place ....NO... And indeed if it was the case this week end on the dragstrip of irwindale during the bug in 37

picture by jo clifford




sun was there today




today on gassertime , INCH PINCHER TOO  paint scheme

in 1971*1972 ;with EMPI in FDIs hands , a decision , was made to take IP II drag racing across the US. , as a promotional tour to push FDIs products

a large bluebird motor home with an enclosed trailer was supplied and this outfit was manned by DARRELL & SHARON VITTONE , while on tour , the crew tounge of the trailer broke off and the trailer began to roll , damaging the inch pincher inside since the show must go on , 

trailer crash.jpg

IP II was crashed on the way to the 71 NHRA meeting at INDY.jpg

the rise and fall of the empi empire31.jpg

phone calls home were made, parts were air freighted :fresh fenders etc... and they trashed on the race car managing to make the needed repairs. they then arrived on time , at the US nationals at indianapolis and went to a win

ip II (93).jpg

ip II (94).jpg

in late 1972 : the car is turned over to FDI and DARRELL VITTONE starts the RACE SHOP , the car was sent to EAST  and raced fr a brief time with driver Jim Carlson for empi/fdi


as we can see the car was repainted as the old paint scheme after jim Carlson drove the IP II for FDI and it seems that jim like to made some scratch on hte rear fender of the car,on this picture we can see that IPII has damage on the pass rear fender

raceway park, englistown during the summernationals 1972.jpg

that picture was taken at Madison Township Raceway Park , Englishton,NJ, during the summernationals 1972

those 2 pictures were taken the same day(racenuùmber on the windows) but don't know where was the dragstrip , and i don't know if it before or after the summernationlas , but hte damage on the rear fender still there and look smaller than the one on the picture above with NED BUG II &  LG II ,Jim Carlson was the driver  ip II (90).jpg

ip II (91).jpg

this picture was taken during the Last Drag Race at LIONS , it seems that the rear fenders was repaintes again orchanged no damage this time , and the driver was still Jim Carlson

lions last drag race dec 72.jpg

another picture from the sameday/event , but this time it seems that the left rear fender have some damages

lions last drag race dec 72 (1).jpg

after the LIONS last drag race , i don't know what happening to the IP II , but it seems that some ne paint was applied to the fenders or may be the car(not sure??)
the paint scheme looks different from the older one


winternationals jan,feb 73.jpg

that picture was taken during the winternationals 1973 , driver was still Jil carlson

here's the cover of teh may 73 street rod magazine with jim posing with the door open...why ? ,because IPII had new fenders at the rear and not painted ??

ip II (102).jpg

here's  2 pictures who prove that inch pincher had received 2 new rear fenders

us nationals sept 73.jpg

us nationals sept 73 (1).jpg

those one were taken during the US nationals at indianapolis , in sept 73 and after that it seems that it was the end of the inch pincher too , no pictures related in any magazine after that... who know where IP II went after that event ??

here the difference i noticed on teh paint scheme


winternationals jan,feb 73.2.jpg



treuhaft 1302

after treuhaft sold the car , it was dick roy  who owneed it , and dick made several paint scheme on that car here're a few one 


dick roy (4).jpg




today on gasser time , the wellknow treuhaft 1302 , may be the first 1302 who was chopped ,  on those pictures the car was for sale

zz 1024.jpg

zz 772.jpg

zz 773.jpg

dick roy.jpg


if i remember well , dyno don still own the car in that pink version



bug in 15, oct 75

lee leighton doing a hard launch during bug in 15

lee leighton.jpg


bug in 11 , oct 1973

dean lowry drove the mouse trap that day  , he wen to the final against darrell vittone  and lost this one , here's a picture of the mouse trap in the pit/statging lane ,with the mouse house bus  

mouse trap (21).jpg



today on gassertime the raceshop fiat n acation at bug in 10 

bug in 10.5.jpg

raceshop fiat1.jpg

those pictures were tokk at bug in 11 

raceshop fiat.jpg

the one with the mouse trap(driven by dean lowry) was the H/Gas final and darrell won with an 10.75 @ 122.90mph and dean made an  11.43 @116.27 mph



old but still fast

today is  the birthday of RON FLEMING

here's something from the past to wish you a nice birthday 

ron b-day.jpg


she's back

the famous lightning bug II is back to home  


lightning bug too (142).jpg

lightning bug too (141).jpg

lightning bug too (139).jpg



it's deano dyno-soar time today


thx to Joanne lowry for the pict

first picture was taken at carlsbad raceway


2nd picture was taken at irwindale raceway





today on gassetime :here comes da bug too pict taken at lions dragstrip  by ron & rick anderson

here comes da bug too (50).jpg

here comes da bug too (51).jpg

here comes da bug too (52).jpg


old stuff



freddy files do brazil

15th freddy files 085.jpg

15th freddy files 084.jpg

15th freddy files 104.jpg



today on gassetime , denny grove  NED BUG



freddy files 2012 was a blast #2

15th freddy files 080.jpg

15th freddy files 173.jpg

15th freddy files 081.jpg


freddy files 2012 was a blast

here's some of my pictures of the freddy files 

for more go here 

15th freddy files 1470.jpg

2% cal look club was there with the 3 members , andy , mark and I , 2 of us were rewarded , not bad for a small club :-)

15th freddy files 139.jpg

15th freddy files 061.jpg


on the road to ninove

by relic



lightning bug III

some old OCIR pictures with the lightning bug dragster(III)


zz 908.jpg

zz 728.jpg

zz 936.jpg



 the VW racers were friends in the pit and competitor on the track

on this picture you can see the anderson bros , the schlay bros , ken lowry , john smith etc.... that was during the winternationals 73



walifornia sunset

in the evening 050.jpg