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ron joned64


fire burn out

fire burn out



yesterday i presented to you the replica of the ned bug , to continue with that car ,

here's some species of the original car

owned by skip hamm & denny grove the orignal car was an 60 model with all steel , equipped with plexiglass windows ,

chassis was lightened by removal the steel floor ,undercoating insulation,and aluminium flooring replaces steel

the car was painted in lime gold ,highlighted with black lacework

ned bug blog

 skip was an dds dealers products on the east coast that's why the car was sponsored by dds  and was fully equipped with the famous purple dynosoar

she was sitting ona set of dds wheels  ;13"/6" in the front with pireeli cinturato 135-13 ,and  the rear were 15"/6" with m&h racemaster slicks 6.60-15

ned bug blog1

 here's the species of the 2180cc(133.2 cu/i) engine

1971 vw  case, with dds 92mm bore ,okrasa 82mm stroke ,porsche rods , dds rings ,dds camshaft ,cylinder heads 71vw type 3 dulaport

, with enlarged and polished intake and exhaust passages by dds , the valves springs were dual dds units , with dampers same as rockers arms , it was dds units with high lift

48 idas on dds manifold with dds linkage,the ignition was made by an vertex magneto , the exhaust extractor was an dds competiton  , fly wheel and clutch :f&s 180mm diameter

 oil pump and oil sump were dds one too nad origianl oil cool er in stock place

the front axle was an tubular dds unit with f&s shock absorbers , no front brakes rear supspension was the vw one with koni shock absorber

 the transaxle was an 65 porsche gearbox  additional webbing added to strengthen case

ned bug blog2

the NED bug metamorphosed into a "dead bug" after high speed rollover at niagara dragstrip , hollow centered joint broke ,affecting steering and sending car into sharp right turn

that ended in crash at 113mph! grove wasn't seriously hurt

the car ran into the low 11sec , here 're some fiew shot action at the 71 summernationals

ned bug blog3

 the car was destroyed  the august 1 1971 ,2 weeks after the summertionals

the pictures above were may be the last of the car


work progress

there's a new "old gasser" , on the way in england 

this one is the NED BUG , the newest project of ROB owner of a bronze manx with a flower hardtop 'remember ebi he was there)

the project isn't finished yet , but normally rob want to have the car ready for the ebi#4

that's the first picture of the car , incredible work , now rob will do the rest of the paint scheme


red car part#3

now we 're with th e DKP III and still have red car into the club

l to r , mike gagen ragtop with american racing  D spoke , carlos de alba 67 with torq trust D , hector bonilla burgundy red 67 with og BRMS , and MR "SARGE" aka jim edmiston , with is nice 67 , he have the car since more than 25 years now



red car part #2

here's the red car from the DKPII randy welch 60 ragtop , jimmy harris  67 with fuchs , and harvey rosenthal 66 with american racing


tomorrow DKP III red car


red car

here's some cool dkpI car ,left ot right , bob hoffield late model with spyder mags ,rick winter 62/63 with chromies wheel with porsche hubcaps , dan czapla burgundy red lat emodel with spuder mag too , and don crane red 67 with brms , red was and is a good choice fory our car


tomorrow dkpII red car


first in the 10

here's the schley bros mark & paul , they were the first  guys in the 10sec with a vw gasser this one was the famous "LIGHTNING BUG"



gasser time

in the gasser time today the 3 famous inch pincher

inch pincher


der selten kafers#6

to close the chapter of the DSK vw association

here's 2 red car , one was an cool top chop , and the other a very cool oval convert with real brms and 356A brakes drums ,hot idas engine


der selten kafers#5

here's  another car owned by shubee, yellow 67 convert , this one is still in socal aera in yukon yellow

shubbe convert


der selten kafers#4

founder member of the dsk , gary shubrock aka shubee

gary owned several cal look

here's some car he had in the past the red 67 was scott baken ex-car

the car ran on a seet of empi spyder mag  , the engine was an hot ida 2007cc with an 78.5mm claudes's crank , 90.5 mm cima forged  pistons , vw rods , engle 140 cam , 40x35.5 mm heads reworked by bill smiley , claude's manifold with 48 ida , the c/r was 9.0/1

shubbe 67



der selten kafers#3

here's another famous guy from the dsk ,know today to have build the aronson 63 replica

scott baken was an active member from dsk , he owned several nice cal look in the mid to late 70's

here's is 63 sepia brown cal look

scott baken


der selten kafers#2

now the must in these time is to have a late models

then here's a good old 70's cal look , based on a late models, that this belongs to martin durham , the car was a 72 model sporting a set of coolest riviera , the engine was an  1776 cc with dual kadron ,

martin durham 72


der selten kafers #1

 bob carmona was the owner of this nice 57 oval

the little picture on the top right , show the car before he have the empi 5 spoke from ron hussy 64(yesterday picture) ,

they were painted with a coat of chrysler metallic brown , same treatment was applied to the fuel tank , and the engine sheetmetal & fan shroud

bob carmona 57


der selten kafers

der selten kafers was an old volkswagen association club in the mid/late 70's

some club founder came from the dvb 

here're some car from this club based only on cal look car

first ron hussy 64 beige bug with original empi 5 spoke , those wheels goes on bob carmona oval after , that will be for tomorrow

Ron Hussy's '64

funny car time

here's the  freshly restored Dodge D700 ramp truck Don"the snake"prudhomme and his 70 cuda "Hot wheels" funny car

snake prudomme



the inch pincher doing a burn out  in an open street




keep dyno soar....

from becoming extinct



volksworld 67#1

as you can  see i was happy to drive the car


volksworld 67

at ebi#3 i'had the opportunity to drive ivan's car  (editor chief of volksworld)

this nice 67 with 2007cc and original BRMs ,  was my first time in a rhd and the first time i drove my self an 48IDAs engine





Sans titre



in liège

evening 050


gasser time

pictures found on the lounge of inch pincher 1 running at carlsbad raceway

inch pincherat carlsbad






carburatore WEBER bolognia italy



on the way....

...to bitburg with and by fred flat 4

on the way to bitburg


return from the track

Sans titre


back home ....

...from bitburg , those 2 cars are very great to see running, greg's notch and mike 56 oval



gasser time at bitburg

ddd 075

ddd 965