fixed/solved problem with my Dual quiet pack

today i went to dav to fixed my dual quiet pack , as we know all the problem is those one broke where the tube get in the mufflers , and that's what happen to mine , but we fixed this one just in time before this one go to male a tour on the road Sourire

here's the exhaust before , the problem was i cannot attach this one to the bumpers bracket because the silent bloc of thi sone  come in the middle of the fenders , and there's nothing to attach this one

exhaust before1.jpg

exhaust before.jpg

and today we fixed the problem 
Dav welded  he tube who go into the mufflers  and do that to each tube

.... 084.jpg

.... 085.jpg

after that the removed the bracket with the silent bloc , and we added on each mufflers a flat steel parts which is going to serve to put back the silent block bracket to the good position

.... 090.jpg

.... 092.jpg

.... 096.jpg

here's what the exhaust look now  , the bracket of the silent block are now just at the right place to bolt them to the bracket bumpers

.... 098.jpg

thx to DAV for the works he've done



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