dkp 67 for sale

my DKP buddy Carlos is selling is ruby red 67  ,  i've seen this one in real 2 times and that car is very nice if you want more info contact him here 





some  words by carlos to describe his car :

Very solid sunroof 1967 from the start.  The body remains stock, up to the fenders, hood, decklid (all German) moldings, SB12 rings, etc.  To stay in harmony with the exterior, you won’t find any custom upholstery in this car.  As a matter of fact, the door panels are still original as well as the seats supplied by famous vw drag racer Mike Smith as these used to be in his fast red 67 bug.  Interior includes an original Hurst shifter, Autometer Tach, VDO gauges and LeCarra steering wheel.  Sunroof is in perfect working condition. This car was built to have fun, drive it and enjoy it…. Clean, Simple yet Fast and Reliable    Cool …


Motor Specs: Built by Scott Bakken  Cool

2017 cc (DMS 78.4 x CIMA 90.5) 
Engle 140 Cam 
VW Heads 40 x 35.5 by Small Car Specialties 
9.0:1 CR – 91 Octane 
48 Italian IDA's sitting on Skat Trak Manifolds 
Bosh 010 Distributor – Bosh Coil 
Dual Quiet Pack muffler, bolted to a 1 5/8 four tuned header 




 Transmission Specs:

4 Speed Transmission recently rebuilt by Mike at Rancho
4.12 R&P
Stock 1st and 2nd gears, 1.48 3rd , 0.89 4th  
Car comes with full bumpers and the set of Flat4 BRM’s (145 front / 205 Rear) including spare wheel (145)


Ce site est simplement génial. Merci pour le partage de l'information.

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Pile poil ce que je désirais, merci copieusement !

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