perfect cal look exhaust

that's it the engine is back again inthe 61 ,but this time with his new exhaust , it's an berg dual quiet pack , that exhaust is the perfect one to complete the look of my car  , the sound of those DQP is fantastic ,cu at EBI next week-end

speedwell 035.jpg

speedwell 041.jpg

speedwell 046.jpg


Looks awesome!
What a great looking bug you have!

Écrit par : Michel | 25/06/2011

Really nice ride.. man!! and very good feeling!!!
et en français j'adore ta caisse mec!!!

Écrit par : titof | 26/06/2011

thx guys , and cu soon at ebi

Écrit par : speedwell | 28/06/2011

Greeeeeaattt my friend....

See you at EBI....

Écrit par : karmixrider | 28/06/2011

ca claque !!!!!

Écrit par : arno sf4 | 30/06/2011

So so Coooolll!!!!

Écrit par : arnal | 13/07/2011

Hey, Fabian!
I can see we had similar problems and solved them in a similar way :P
Take a look:


Take care,


PS: It was great to see you at the EBI! To bad that for so short, but we had to drive home. A long road trip...

Écrit par : rebel | 22/07/2011

Eh Fab, t'es en vacances ou quoi ? ... ;-)

Écrit par : Fred | 22/07/2011

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