it was my godfather/grand pa

He was the one who my taught the mechanics and it was too the one who bought me my first vw, he helped me on my 2 projects, yesterday he went there to join my grand Ma, he was 89 years old, godfather I would never forget you,
Your godsons who will always love you

rest in peace

grand pa1.jpg

grand pa.jpg


So sorry mon Fab's!
Je sais que tu étais fort attaché à lui, car, je me rappel que tu m'as expliqué que aviez fait plusieurs trucs ensemble sur tes 2 caisses... ça ressert les liens!!!
Sincères pensées par toi et tes proches!!!

Écrit par : G(reg)t3s | 22/02/2011

merci greg

Écrit par : speedwell | 22/02/2011

So sorry for your loss Fab's.....
He must have been a great inspiration to you.



Écrit par : Christophe (Turtle Racer) | 25/02/2011

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