sad day for the cal look mvt

monday gary shubrook aka shubee passed away

i met gary 3 years ago at bug in 33 and last year at bug in 35, it was a nice guy , gary was involved into VW since the early 70's and all time when he've build car those were great & nice car,the cal look mouvemnt have lost a great guy

shubee 67vert (1).jpg


RIP my friend you will miss

shubee rip.jpg





I am the niece of Shubee can someone please jgp me these photos. I would like to use them at that memorial service
Shubee will be missed by all. Thank you everyone for your thoughts.

Écrit par : debbie | 10/02/2011

hi debbie , can let me know your email adress , and i will send you those one

ps :i've have several photos of gary , i met him during my socal trip in 2008 and 2010

Écrit par : speedwell | 11/02/2011

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