great NEWS today on gassertime

the LIGHTNING BUG II is coming back home

bug in 838.jpg

the car was sell to diego febles in puerto rico it was 37 years old in february 1973

diego painted the car yellow  when he received it , and during all the time running the car still nowadays

here're some pictures with diego

lightning bug too (41).jpg

lightning bug too (43).jpg

lightning bug too (42).jpg

the inside of tha car was never painted and it look like the same when the car was sale in 73

in 73

lightning bug too (40).jpg

in 2010

lightning bug too (44).jpg

the engine was an 2180cc and diego still have the engine in its original shape , that wa with this engine that the schley bros were the first to go into the 10sec

lightning bug20.jpg

lightning bug28.jpg

here's paul & mark rediscovering their car after 37 years old you can imagine the emotions that they have of to feel

lightning bug26.jpg

so if you have the chance to go to the next bug in in april /may 2011 , you will be lucky to see the LG dragster and the LG II side by side and may be running

bug in 864.jpg



voilà qui est une bonne nouvelle ! :) Plus qu'à peler la banane :)

Écrit par : Mike | 29/10/2010

Eh bien , je viendrai voir ça !

Écrit par : Marc | 29/10/2010

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