today on gassertime the MAD PINEAPPLE owned by  dan turco

the car was an 56 sunroof oval  dan & his brother paul do all the work on the car included the chopping work , after the car was sold to dvb member van thierry and art saffell was the latest owner of the car before he crashed the car

mad pineapple4.jpg



mad pineapple3.jpg

the car was painted pearl yelow  and was applied by B&M body shop

mad pineapple100.jpg

mad pineapple (1).jpg

mad pineapple (3).jpg

mad pineapple (4).jpg

the car had a big pieneapple painted on the aronson scoop decklid

mad pineapple (5).jpg

the engine was an 2233cc

gene berg stroker crank , arias pistons , 327 chevy rods buick bearing , an engle v-3 cam empi 1.4.1 rockers arms and heads were ported and polished by dan himself,and used manley 42/35mm valves ,carbs were 48 ida  , a vertex magneto ,transaxle was an 66 unit with crown axles and close ratio gears  ,treuhaft clutch

the engine making a 215 hp at the dyno ,the best time of the car was an 10.71@ 121mph

mad pineapple30.jpg

mad pineapple (2).jpg

the car was destroyed with art saffell at bug in 17  mad pineapple.jpg

mad pineapple1.jpg

bug in 17.jpg

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