john ercse cal look

john  build this 67 in the mid of the 70's , the car was featured in the hot vws june 76 cal look issue

california look11.jpg

california look14.jpg

john still have the car i saw that car 2 years ago at the bugin 33 , the car look the same may be with 2 or 3 stony knocks on the decklid :-))

bug in 33 (1).jpg

bug in 33 (2).jpg

the car ran on real empi 8

bug in 33.jpg

and this year at bug in 35 john was there again with his 67

bug in 1356.jpg

bug in 1357.jpg

bug in 1358.jpg

bug in 1360.jpg

bug in 1672.jpg

bug in 1359.jpg

bug in 1671.jpg


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