today on gassertime the HOT & CRAZY gasser owned by "crazy joe" , but before that the car was named FRIAR TUCK and was owned by gary breckenridge , the car started is live as an unchopped race car after that gary chopped the car  the engine was an 1995cc with 190hp , the best parts from that time was on the engine like  EMPI 88mm big bore kit ,82mm SPG roller crank ,engle F-32 cam ,heads were 40x37mm reworked by gary himself ,EMPI 1.4/1 rocker arms , 48 ida , and transaxle was a 66 unit with crown's BEEF A DIFF ,DDS close ratio 3&4

the car ran an 11.84 sec at 113.6MPH

friar tuck bf.jpg
hot & crazy.jpg
hot & crazy1.jpg
hot & crazy2.jpg
pictures of bug in 14 (11).jpg
hot & crazy3.jpg

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