german steel

bug in 355
at the german diners

bug in 349



anderson brother

here's the anderson brothers at the legends party ,

on this picture rick is at left and ron at right

anderson bros3

on this one ron is on the left  and right is at rick

bug in 1294

bug in 1224





today on gassertime the DEANO DYNOSOAR II

bug in 14060


a dream comes true

i've the chance to meet darrell vitonne at the shley party and at the legend

live is complete now  my dream comes true


bug in 1160

me , darrell vitonne and dave andrews  (raceshop blue sedan)

bug in 1308



mouscron invasion 2010

last friday i went to the mouscron invasion 2010 for the 1st time

it was a fun moment , cruising with dimitri dkg in his 55 oval  et laurent  in his swedish 61 bug

a saw some friends from dkg , goddies , ludo , rouge etc... and to finish i've the best of show with my 61

it was a great moment , i will do that again

invasion 007

invasion 008

invasion 009

invasion 013

invasion 018

invasion 020

invasion 023

invasion 025



20th anniversary

bug in 1050

bug in 1061

bug in 1071


original rader for sale

a friend of mine is selling his set of ORIGINAL RADER wheels , they 're in original condition  ,
for mor infos contact ludo @ apoils@msn.com

here 're the wheels






45th dkp anniversary#1

some great moments

the schley dragster

bug in 780

bug in 782

bug in 788

bug in 784


45th dkp anniversary

i was invited to the 45th annviversary of the dkpI , 35th of dkp II , 20th of the dkp III

what a great moment  , i will never forget this one

i met a lot of dkp members , and i was there for the first apparition of tarbabe

it was amazing


bug in 948

bug in 1113

bug in 1198

bug in 1191


dkp cruise night#4

tiger 61 ragtop

bug in 415

steve beecher zwitter


bug in 427

dustin 70 late models

bug in 430

henry oelker 66

bug in 431

Sans titre 2


dkp cruise night#3

greg brinton 67

bug in 377

ben salazar 67

bug in 378

stephan szantai 57 ragtop

bug in 376

jim ratto 67

bug in 367

Sans titre 2


dkp cruise night#2

rick sadler 67

bug in 314

scott bakken  63 "aronson/holmes" replica

bug in 349

hector bonnila 67

bug in 315

jason foster 65

bug in 327

Sans titre 2


dkp cruise night

friday 30 april  was the DKP cruise night before bug in 35 , 23 dkp car were present this time it's a lot ,


john rayburn 64

bug in 296

bill schwimmer 59

bug in 297

 dave "echebon" kanaze 64

bug in 305

dave rhoads 64

bug in 309

Sans titre 2


pre bug in party#4

dkp leaving the place

bug in 264

bug in 267

bug in 278

bug in 279

Sans titre 1


pre bug in party#3

bug in 190

bug in 258

bug in 218

bug in 237

Sans titre 1


pre bug in party #2

more from veed ub parts unlimited pre bug in party

jo clifford razor edge

bug in 177

 lisa maxell c DKK onvertible

bug in 229

greg 67 (the boss of vee dub parts)

bug in 187

 black ghia

bug in 188

Sans titre 1


pre bug in party

last friday VEE DUB PARTS UNLIMITED had their open house pre bug in party, so we went with gregg bunch new purchase a nice 63 sea blue bug

here're a few picture from the party , we will start  with a few dkp car

dustin petrasek 69

bug in 213

jim "sarge " edmiston 67

bug in 263

keith "fasbrit" seume 65

bug in 221

scott pescuma 63 ghia

bug in 180

Sans titre 1


For All Time

FAT performance , where was the last time you guys saw those 3 guys together,ron fleming , greg aronson & mark thurber???

may be never or just in pictures  like the b/w one ,but there were reunited at bug in 35





old gasser never died

it was one of my best VW week end tarbabe , the underdog II , DDS II , OCIR bus , the schley DRAGSTER , it was like in the daywhen those gasser were running against each other

more to come , but let me the time i took more than 2000 pictures



back from california

just come back from california this friday , report will follow soon

don't miss that

bug in 154