gasser time

today on gasser time the ROACH by revmaster

frank skalsky was the revmaster shop manager , he and his brother stan build the ROACH 57 vw gasser


the boby work and paint were done by clarence shaw at SHAW body shop (riverside)she was painted in  yellow/orange , and the artwork was done by richard MC peak(riverside)

revmaster roach20

revmaster roach3

the car went to some famous dragstrip like  fontana , carlsbad ,orange county,in the late 60& early 70's

the car ran with the pepco an 13.47 @107mph with street tyres and near to the stock

weight, later with the 2180cc the car ran an 12.39

revmaster roach

revmaster roach2

the engine was an 25hp case(pied mouler)

it was hand lapped then line bored , tehy used porsche cylinder ,the crankshaft was an 1600 porsche unit with porsche rods , camshaft was an isky unit , heads were denzel enlarged and polished ports

 2 stromberg 48 carbs were on the top of pepco supercharger , distributor was vertex magneto

revmaster roach engine

revmaster roach30

after the car had an 2180cc with 92 mm DDS p/c , 82mm revmaster crank,rods were vw stockers lightened and polished , lightened flywheel , heads were d/ports with bigger valves , polished and ported intake  ports , ida manifold with 48 on the top, EMPI 1.4 rocker set up with EMPI GT valve covers, exhaust was a twin  180°megaphone built by bob sanchez at 4-TUNED exhaust

gearbox was an swingaxle with fours sears with limited slip unit , and porsche axles and solid mounts

sorry but don't have no pictures of the 21800cc

that's it for today

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