bug in gassertime

MIKE OGNIBENE w&s the owner /driver of the ITALY1

the car was a 63 model with fiberglass decklid and fenders , wheels are DDS 13" at front and 15" at rear  .the engine was a 2100cc with 215hp , the 71 type1 case has been fitted with a 92 mm gene berg pistons , total seal rings ,chevy 302 Z/28 rods , engle FK89 cam and  gene berg stroker crankshaft, and berg  also ported &polished  the heads on the 13:1 CR engine,he 's sporting a set of  48 ida on berg manifold  , distributor was an 010 , exhaust was  agene berg 1 5/8 inch unit

here's a picture of the car at buh in 24 or 25 in 1980


 bug in 1980 (17)

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