on the road again

do you remember this car ??? doug mische dkp II ghia , the car was stolen in the late 70's , and never find ,

doug mische4

 There is a little less than 1 year  ,doug found his karmann which had been stolen from him there is 30 years,


 since the car was redone the way she was in the late 70's and she's present at the DKP CRUISE NIGHT yesterday and at the vw classic this week end

here's a video and picture of the car how she looks actually





et elle va retrouver le gasser garage il me semble ?

Écrit par : Seb | 14/06/2009

et oui c exact bientot en ecosse et peut etre au bug in 3 qui sait

Écrit par : speedwell | 14/06/2009

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