here's rick (left) and ron (right) anderson , aka the anderson bros , rick was the driver of  HERE COMES DA BUG   the car was a 61 ragtop a the begining , but after the collier's bros passage ,the car it's found with a chop top of 3 3/4 inch

anderson bros3

the car was painted by eddy paul in a pearl blue lacquer  , fiberglass body parts came from don rountree , the engine was built by darrell vittone at the race shop in riverside

the dispalcement was 1950cc with a 78mm okrasa crank , 89mm mahle pistons with enlarged empi 88mm barrels, the heads are empi 40mm x 35.5mm  with 48idas on empi manifold, the camshaft is an F-32 grind cam who works with empi lifters  ,with norris pushrod , and empi 1.4:1 rockers arms , the CR was 12.5:1 , the engine develops 175hp 

anderson bros30

64 porsche transaxle receives the power through a hurs/scheifer 200mm clutch plate with a special race shop disc

wheels are ET 15" with cornwell 500x15 at front and 6.60x15 M&H

anderson bros300


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