news from bug in 34

 just see some pictures of the DKP cruise night

some nice 70's cal look survivor were there  , too bad i miss that

the red one was in dkp II he was on the june 77 hot vws  cover and feb 80hot vws cal look issue

covers (30)



now here is what the car look awesome  love this one






and this sepia brown/butternut , was owned and still in the hands of  don metz DKP II member , the car was also on the cover of the june 77 hot vws


pictures by dkk fred


Je crois que la caisse de Don Metz n'est pas Sepia brown, c'est une teinte de TOYOTA qui a été utilisée...(cf article ds le Volksworld).

Écrit par : Dav | 18/06/2013

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