all the call look guys know that car  it was the frenchy's ghia

the car was sael in the 80's in japan , the car was in  the classifieds section of a japanese magazine in 88 , and the last picture know of the car was the last one , the owner added some scallops on the car and re-filled the nose trills

Frenchy and several friends having relations in Japan, would be spirit to look for that car. Who knows a small return in the country of the uncle sam at his former owner???
Similar story doug mische  comes of got back his , he was stolen at the beginning of the 80s and had never redone surface, but this will be another post



frkg 88



l'annonce japonaise est chez vintage garage

j'ai deja acheter un 356 replica chez eux, ils ont peut etre des archives

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...... thx k rot

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