picture i took at the berg office , here's the CHIMPANCE , i never see any pictures/info of this gasser

and you??



Mais ou vas-tu chercher toutes ces supers photos l'ami ??

Écrit par : Fred | 31/10/2008

El Chimpance I know the story of this Gasser.
It was build and raced in Puerto Rico
during the 70's. My dad did the body mods
and paint. The car was driven by Jimmy Bou
now the owner of the biggest distributor
of performance parts in the island and the
master mechanic was Chu "Pampero"
a very well known and loved by all VW fans
in Puerto Rico. Pampero past away this past
weekend of june 6, 2010. Thanks for the photo
it is special for me, the car was very special.
The name Chimpance was given to challenge
another well known gasser in the island
Diego Febles "El Guineo"or banana,a bright yellow
bug that was dominating its class. The Chimpance
was build for the main purpuse to beat him.
They did, but the battle continue thru the 70's
early 80's. Febles concentraed later in racing the IMSA circuit and was very sucessful.
But this red VW won in the harts of many
and it has become the most famous vw in the
history of drag racing in our island.

Écrit par : DANNY Rodriguez | 07/06/2010

Jimmy Bou passed away in October 13, 2001.
And Diego passed away this week.

Écrit par : Ada | 23/12/2011

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