gasser time

today on gassser time JIM SIBLEY 54 racer

the car was an 54 pearl white oval with a rear window of a 49 split bug

jim was based at bellingham in washington states , he owned his repair shop called "VWs only"

the car floorpan was an 69 adn jim added late model headlights and taillights on the 54



jim sibley4

on the decklid there's an unique mural shows a aged split windows  hiding behind tree , the rear decklid was an exact fiberglass copy of an 54 unit

jim sibley3

wheels are at the front 4x16" chrome porsche with 3.25x16" avon tyres , at the rear are 4 x130stock wheels with A250 M&Hs slicks

jim sibley5


jim sibley2

the engine was an 2000cc based on an 1600cc 70's unit

the crankshaft was an okrasa , pistons/rings came from empi , these , combines with a pair of 48 ida webers , gene berg manifold and rockers arms , the camshaft was an engle 160 gene berg flywheel and weber clutch,on the dyno the engine pump out a 171hp

the gearbox  had a close ratio of 4.37/1 

jim sibley

jim sibley1

inside we had 2 buckets seats with harness , the steering wheels is an original unit , doors & dashboard alu panel are hand formed

jim sibley6

here're some color picture of the car

jim sibley (12)

jim sibley (10)


here's jim sibley oval /split windows in a socal race where?? but you can see the underdog too just in front of the car , that was jim who painted the scheme theme on the underdog too

jim sibley (6)

after the car had changed , the paint scheme was different

jim sibley (9)

jim sibley (7)

jim sibley (8)


Tiens tiens !!!!!!! Sur une des photo, il se trouve un bout de ce qui va me servire pour ma future déco !!!!!!!
L'énigme est ouverte.

Écrit par : turtle racer | 28/10/2008

humm a part underdog 2 ou la dds 2 qui se trouve sur les photos je vois pas bien quoI d autre

Écrit par : SPEEDWELL | 28/10/2008

hummm C'est chaud la !!!!
Il reste quand même JINK'S ...

Écrit par : tutle racer | 29/10/2008

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