st graal

in last april i was in socal for the bug in 33 and stay at sarge's house he's one member of the world famous DKP I & III

 An evening it has re-brought out an old box with objects which we could qualify as rarest of the rarest

this's an NOS dkp patch to put on the famous burgundy red dkp jacket


there's also a cup with dkp sticker  sticked at the bottom


some old stickers from DKPI i don't know how many exactly but several for sure


i saw also this dashplate ,I've never heard about this rally organized by the dkp, on February 14th for the st valentin


2 hoods badges if i remember weel blues was DKP I and black DKP II


 and here's the st graal of DKP stuff , the first sticker the one  even who served as model for the others, to note the small adds for the printer , like add an  "s" in panzers etc...


i would like to thx SARGE for allowed me to see these rare DKP stuff and also for good moments past in his company





Whaoo !! Now in belgium or not ?

Écrit par : Fred | 16/10/2008

heu.................. je pense que non mon fredo ils sont toujours bien chez leur proprio au soleil ds leur boite :-))

Écrit par : speedwell | 16/10/2008

Quel merveille !!!
Y'a bien que toi pour nous faire des images comme ça !!!

Écrit par : turtle racer | 17/10/2008

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