today on gasser time the second DYNO DEANO SOAR race car


, after the crash of the first one at sears point raceway in march 70 , the lowry bros decided to build another gasser , but this time that will be a top chop , this one was made by jim's body shop in santa ana , the roof lost 4"


the front body was a flip front , and front beam was an DDS straight tube axle  they put 13" DDS wheels on this one



at the rear there's a 66 vw transaxle  fitted with a webster five speed gearbox , the tranny has also a crown super beef-a-diff , and heavy duty plate installed , they added another dds products at the rear , that was the wheelie bar engine mounting bar combination

the rear wheels are 15" DDS too



the engine was an 1835 cc with DDS big bore kit (92mm), stock vw crank is used along  with stock rods , flywheel was lightened and used an 200mm pressure palte and disc, the cam was an DDS n°141 , the lifters ,valves and springs are DDS  , valves are 43 mm intake and 36 mm exhaust  , rockers arms came from empi , all of these parts were bolted to a set of very muck reworked dual port heads , wich have been ported and polished and use relocated intake ports .48 idas are sitting on a pair of DDS manifolds , the distirbutor was an vertex magneto , DDS oil pump and try sump for a better cooling of the engine   , exhaust was an DDS drag header system



roll bar is set more forward than in most other vw race cars , dean wants his head behind the bar , not ahead of it , a neal hydraulic pedalassembly is used and DDS shif lever .2 U-joints on steering shaft bring it over to the center of the car , wheelsis also a DDS product


here're ken & dean tilt front end of hteir new pearl white , candy orange and purple race car


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