carlsbad dkp drag day

During the dkp drag day, the session of runs was opened to all, the members of the dkp took advantage of it to make out a will cars also

here's don crane had a red 67 with OG brms and hot webered engine , with anchor exhaust , crane's sedan was the first street car to use 48 ida

don crane at carlsbad

don crane at carlsbad1

don crane

the others participant enjoy the day too

race at carlsbad

race at carlsbad1

race at carlsbad2

and here's an rare pictures of the original autohaus bus the one used by AUTO HAUS at 6315 beach blvd 90621 BUENA PARK 

autohaus bus


AWESOME Fab's! I didn't know the back of the bus was signwritted too... Seems I will have more work this winter...

Écrit par : El Dub | 19/08/2008

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