happy birthday TO................


what could i say about you : it is you who made me discover the cal look, the oldschool, the first time that I heard spoken about inch pincher and of empi it was still you, the best are delirious than I had in meeting it was still with you, you were like a Master for me at the beginning of my stammerings in VW  ,my our roads moved away you you left on the road from the music with your group FAT OLD BAG and towards the motor bikes customs, but with always a glance on the movement VW, thanks to you I knew to take the good direction in the movement VW and maintaining as one says the pupil exceeded the Master Clin d'oeil

I would like to still wish you a

 happy birthday

marc  aka hellcats


hellcat's ride1

hellcat's ride

hellcat's ride5

hellcat's ride2

hellcat's ride6

hellcat's ride3

hellcat's ride4


happy birthday to MARC

Écrit par : huguette | 20/02/2008

Friend... It is true that I was inspired by the roots of California Look, but you had already this in you, The spirit! And all the people doesn't have the Cal Look spirit!!. That good memories, the club, the meeting, all and all!! Today you always the same one and “the pupil” exceeded “the Master”. This message touches me deeply, I make a jump in the good old days! Thank you TO you, peace and long life with the Cal Look…


Écrit par : Marc "Hellcat" | 20/02/2008

de rien... l'ami ;-) , à bientot pour un tour en 61

Écrit par : speedwell | 20/02/2008

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