dkp reunion

here's some new pictures that jim"sarge" edmiston(DKP I/III) sent me last days ,we can see doug gordon receiving from dyno dom the decklid from the underdogII , dean kirsten(pink shirt) talking too jere aldahef , there's also some rally dash plaque , arnie mohlamn and his 67  , some old pictures from dkp I cars

thanks a lot jim for the pictures

dkp reunion5

dkp reunion 8

dkp reunion 9

dkp reunion4

dkp reunion7

dkp reunion6

dkp reunion 10


Nice Excellentes toutes ces photos... ca change un peu... car d'habitude on ne voit que leurs voitures.

Écrit par : Mach1 | 09/11/2007

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