after the california look complete bible by STEPHAN SZANTAI  ,here's his new book : DEMON BUG

here's some words from STEPHAN about his books:

During the last year, I have been working on a new book with Motorbooks, the
world's largest publisher of automotive books. And yes, this book is in English! ;)

The subject of the book, titled Demon Bugs, focuses on modified air-cooled
Volkswagens. It features a hardcover, 144 pages and 350 color pictures.
Fifty cars each spread over two or four pages. They include VWs I have
photographed over the last 20 years in the USA, Europe, Canada and Japan. As
you would expect, a portion of the book is dedicated to California Look VWs;
but there's also a chapter about racecars.

Here is a short recap of the book's content:

. History of the custom VWs since the '50s, with a number of never seen
before pictures
. Resto Custom Bugs (including some cars from the German Folks Klub)
. California Look Bugs (some DKP cars, Lee Gong's '65, Gary Berg's '67,
. Turbo/nitrous Bugs (Chad Tostensen's '67, Scott Featherolf's '56, etc.)
. German Look Bugs
. Racecars (Jesse James' '51, Rudy Olivença's '50, Pat McDermott's Fiat, the
Project Pinks '65, etc.)
. Buses and Fridolins

. Ghias and Type 3s
. Volksrods
. Full custom VWs
. ... and finally, four of the best Bugs built in recent times: Aaron
Broughton's '57, Darrell Baker's '58, Darren Dilley's '55, Randy Gates' '52

Well, I guess that pretty much sums it up! Book is now in stock and you can
order it online at motorbooks.com (they ship worldwide). Here is the link:

Amazon also carries it.

Enjoy the book!


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