division resto cal

beautiful car

division resto cal (2)


division resto cal (4)


division resto cal (6)


division resto cal

these cars had a small  California attitude and could very well have belonged to the members of the german folks but not they are well of France and form parts of division restot cal a club with a good feeling and these car are very representative of this movement, for me these were the most beautiful  resto cal of the meeting
ces voitures ont un petit air de californie , elles auraient tres bien pu appartenir aux membres du german folks , mais non elles sont bien de france et font parties du division restot cal , un club avec un bon feeling , et ces voitures sont tres representatives de ce mouvement , pour moi les plus beaux resto cal du meeting
division resto cal


division resto cal (3)


division resto cal (1)


division resto cal (5)



20 super vw nats

some other picture from the 20 super vw nats 

d autres photos du 20super vw nats







20super vw nats

i came back yesterday from the super vw , very bad weather all the meeting, but what a nice week end with my friends , and the new one like sly  & cie , babé ,Here is an outline of my photos taken during this weekend, click the first one to see my on-line album

je suis revenu hier du super vw  , mauvais durant tout le week end , mais quels bons moments passe avec mes amis , et aussi avec les nouveaux tels que sly & cie , babé , voici un aperçu de mes photos prises lors de ce week end , cliquez sur la première pour voir mon album en ligne









20 super vw nats

tomorrow i'm off to the 20 super vw nat's in thenay i will enjoy that time with my friend kobus , mike , fast freddy , olive ,jean mi , maxxx ,gerome and christophe and the other hope to see many blogger 

demain je serai en route pour le 20 super vw nats a thenay , je me rejouis de revoir tout mes amis , kobus ,mike ,fast freddy , olive , jean mi , maxxx , gerome et christophe  et j'espere voir d autres bloggeur

soiree vw nats







max et speedwell


roger crago

here's the ghia of roger crago after the gunmetal grey color the car was repainted is black??? watch the license plate and the stickers on the rear windows wher is the car now??

voici le kg de roger crago , apres sa couleur gris gunmetal , la voiture fut repeinte en noire ?? regardez la plaque et le stickers sur la lunette arriere , mais ou est cette voiture maintenant??

r crago 1


r crago


roger empi


gary berg

here's the famous blue 67 cal look of gary berg  where's that car  now???? the last owner was rick zavala but did he own the car today???

et voici le celebre cal look  67 bleu de gary berg , mais ou est cette voiture maintenant ???? le dernier proprietaire etait rick zavala , mais possede t il toujours cette voiture aujourd hui ???




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gasser time

today on gasser time the famous red oval of LEE LEIGHTON very cool car , He adorned that this car always exist

aujourd hui ds gasser time voici la fameuse ovale rouge de LEE LEIGHTON , cette caisse est vraiment cool , il parit que cette voiture existe toujours








1959, Porsche 356 A Speedster Carrera GT

In 1958 Porsche ended the very successful production of the 356 Speedster and replaced it with the Convertible D. A large group of active Porsche race drivers complained about this model change because the D was to heavy for racing. Porsche K.G. and Reutter checked the inventory of body parts and found a possibility to produce 31 Speedsters in 1959, all of them in GT lightweight configuration. The engines supplied were: 10 with 692/1 1500 plain bearing, 14 with 692/3 1600 plain bearing and 7 pushrod S75. The total Speedster production was 4145 car, a total of 151 were 4-cam and only 10 cars as GT with 692/1 engine.

This Speedster Carrera GT is therefore one of the rarest and most desirable Porsche 356 ! It was delivered to the USA and sold to Harry Blanchard, the car was included in the Bruce Jennings race team and received all of the specific Bruce Jenning - Heinz Bade specials. (http://www.carreramotorsport.com/King%20Carrera.htm ) It is not fully clear which of the 3 or 4 Jennings cars raced were and when. In the mid 60's the car was sold to Mr. Beer, which did not use the car much. In 1973 it was sold to Bill Jones, Texas and was stored until 1987. I bought the car in absolute original condition with 17000 miles and sold it to a collector in Switzerland. In 1990 it was sold to a German collector. The car underwent a restoration at H. Hackenberg and a full mechanical rebuilt by A. Baumann. Since then it was only driven for ca 5000 km. The original engine was changed during its racing time from the original 92002 - 692/1 to 93023 - 692/2 engine.









engine start

here a small , video of my engine start just to check if the starter was the good one , i  had no fuel in my tanks  (click on the first pict)

et voici une petite video du demarrage de mon moteur juste pour voir si j avais le bon demarreur , je navias pas d 'essence dans mon reservoir  ( cliquez sur la premiere photo)

speedwell empi sprintkit parts


speedwell empi sprintkit parts (1)


speedwell empi sprintkit parts (2)


speedwell empi sprintkit parts (3)

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gasser time

today on gasser time picture from mr SCOTT BAKKEN old member of the DVB , DSK, and now DKP III  if you want to watch some cool pictures from the cal look era go to the lounge (click on the pict) thanks for those picture SCOTT

aujourd hui ds gasser time des phots de mr SCOTT BAKEN , ancien membre du DVB , DSK , et  maintenant du DKP III, si  vous voulez voir plus de vieilles photos de la periode cal look alorsallez sur le lounge (cliquez sur l'image) merci SCOOT pour ces photos






dvc club

if you love old picture from the bug in  and old club (click on the pict) , this's the DER VOLKS CHANCELLORS web page , lot of gasser picture from  the club : WICKED WAGON, SUPER BEE, FUNKY WEEK END & the famous CRAIG TOY

si vous aimez les vieilles photos du bug in et des vieux club (cliquez sur la photo) , voici le site web du DER VOLKS CHANCELLORS , beaucoup de phots des drags du club : WICKED WAGON, SUPER BEE, FUNKY WEEK END et la tres connue CRAIG TOY










here're my 2 set of genuine EMPI 8 SPOKE aka SPYDERMAG  , Under this angle we see better the shape of spider which had the rim where from his nickname of SPYDERMAG  . the set on the left is compose with 2x14" & 2x15" , and the right is 4x15"

 et voici mes 2 set de vraie EMPI 8 BRANCHES ou SPYDERMAG ,sous cet angle on voit mieux la forme d'araignée qu 'avait la jante d'où son surnom de SPYDERMAG . le jeu de gauche est compose de 2x14" &2x15 , tandis que celui de droite est compose de 4x15"








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gasser time

here's the BAE turbo racecar, it  look like the ip 2 paintscheme NO?????








cal look time

speedwell love the 70's cal look , those were the better ever made  ,they were simple and powerfull , here's a nice indian red 67 sitting on a setof  fuchs

speedwell aime les cal looks des 70's , ceux ci furent les meilleures jamais construit , ils etaient simples et performants ; voici un tres  belle exemple d une 67 indian red  reposant sur des fuchs

67 cal look


67 cal look (1)


67 cal look (2)