1959, Porsche 356 A Speedster Carrera GT

In 1958 Porsche ended the very successful production of the 356 Speedster and replaced it with the Convertible D. A large group of active Porsche race drivers complained about this model change because the D was to heavy for racing. Porsche K.G. and Reutter checked the inventory of body parts and found a possibility to produce 31 Speedsters in 1959, all of them in GT lightweight configuration. The engines supplied were: 10 with 692/1 1500 plain bearing, 14 with 692/3 1600 plain bearing and 7 pushrod S75. The total Speedster production was 4145 car, a total of 151 were 4-cam and only 10 cars as GT with 692/1 engine.

This Speedster Carrera GT is therefore one of the rarest and most desirable Porsche 356 ! It was delivered to the USA and sold to Harry Blanchard, the car was included in the Bruce Jennings race team and received all of the specific Bruce Jenning - Heinz Bade specials. (http://www.carreramotorsport.com/King%20Carrera.htm ) It is not fully clear which of the 3 or 4 Jennings cars raced were and when. In the mid 60's the car was sold to Mr. Beer, which did not use the car much. In 1973 it was sold to Bill Jones, Texas and was stored until 1987. I bought the car in absolute original condition with 17000 miles and sold it to a collector in Switzerland. In 1990 it was sold to a German collector. The car underwent a restoration at H. Hackenberg and a full mechanical rebuilt by A. Baumann. Since then it was only driven for ca 5000 km. The original engine was changed during its racing time from the original 92002 - 692/1 to 93023 - 692/2 engine.









fantastique porsche , j'avais le modèle 1600gt avec le moteur 1600 6922 et abarth preparation .
mais le moteur un cauchemar..comme tous les moteurs four came !
je l'ai revendu en australie il y a 2 ans , car très peu de mécano savait travailler sur ce moteur .
un bon 356 sc cabriolet de 65 et plus pratique , et beaucoup moins cher ..
un beau speedster 1600 gt de 1959 vaut 400 k .

Écrit par : joel austin | 10/04/2014

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