here's the car of mike hunsaker  , mike was a member of the drf in the 70's and at that time mike was in report in the second hot vws cal look issue he had a brown 66 with brm ver cool car , now the white car reside in at the greenheart club

et voici la caisse de mike hunsaker , mike etait membre du drf dsl les annees 70et a ce temps la mike etait deja en reprotage dnas la seconde edition special cal look de hot vws avec une 66 brune avec brm , maintenant la caisse blanche reside en angleterre dans le club  greenheart

dave hunsaker


mike hunsaker 63 (1)


Nice 63... Hey Speedwell,

It's a lovely car and is currently for sale £9.5k. It is currently not a Greenhearts club car though.


Tim C

Écrit par : Tim C | 28/11/2006

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