dds engine

this's the engine from the original DDS drag car.it was an 2180cc(82mm x 92mm) ,  in this one we found :

-82 spg roller bearing crankshaft

-porsche rods

-dds 92mm brawn-to-saurus pistons kit

-dds camshaft with 300° of duration

-dual port heads  reworked, ported ,and polished

-vertex magneto and l-60-r plugs

-dds intake manifold with 48 IDA

-dds extractor exhaust

-dds full flow ,oil sump

-dds linkage

-dds pulley

the engine developed +/- 200hp



roller crank rebuilder roller crank with Porsche rods..Do you know that is impossible!

Écrit par : Gary | 07/01/2009

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