still alive

my friend OLE send me a message and there's what the message explains: INCH PINCHER is maybe still alive . the pict that i post is maybe the day  when the guys has removed the body of the IP1 to put this one on is oval floorpan  for thr story go to: http://www.cal-look.com/forum/index.php?topic=6948.msg605...
mon ami OLE ma envoyer un message et voila ce que ce message expliquait : INCH PINCHER existerait encore . La photo que je poste est peut-être le jour où les types ont enlevé la coque de  IP1 pour mettre celui-ci sur le chassis de l ovale allez lire : http://www.cal-look.com/forum/index.php?topic=6948.msg605...


Hmmm Since you can see Inch Pincher in the shed when Inch Pincher Too was on it's chassis, I guess the picture you have posted is from the day they took of the Inch Pincher 1 body and replaced it with the new roofshopped body.

You can just make out the original Inch Pincher body in the picture on my blog.
Keep up the good work Speedwell55!

Écrit par : Johnny Fox | 22/11/2005

Hmm Can't get the link to work.....

Écrit par : Rune | 29/11/2005

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